This is the official website for the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) Retirees and Associate Members.  The Federal Prison Retirees Association (FPRA) does not lobby for increases in benefits for retired employees, nor does it conflict with any other group organized for the purpose of extending benefits to retirees through legislation.  Membership eligibility includes: retired BOP employees, retired Public Health Service (PHS) employees who spent at least 15 years of service with the BOP and is receiving  an annuity as a PHS retiree, and former BOP employees who have rights to a deferred annuity.  This includes a surviving spouse of a deceased retiree from the BOP or PHS.  Membership is available to an active duty employee and their spouse.  However, Associate Members cannot  vote or participate in the operation of the FPRA. 

The FPRA has 23 active local chapters with hundreds of FPRA members throughout the United States.  In addition, there are many at-large members.  Information about local chapters can be requested from anyone of the officers.  All officers contact information is on the website.

The headquarters for the Federal Prison Retirees Association is

                                Post Office Box 953, London,

                                Kentucky 40743-0953

 We invite all BOP retirees and current employees to become a member.  Membership forms are on the website for download.

Ralph Montalvo

National President